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Dubai is a favorite holiday destination famous for its luxurious attractions and the lavish lifestyle of the locals. Taking a holiday there gives you the chance to get a taste of the high life and relax in style which is why it’s a great destination for couples. There are all sorts of great things that you can do and see while you’re in Dubai but these are the best things specifically for couples.

Antara Spa Resort



The city has a lot of different ones to choose from but Antara is the best spa in Dubai. It combines all of the great features of a classic Thai spa with the extravagant attitude of the city, creating the perfect luxury experience for you and your partner. It’s incredibly peaceful and the 17 different treatment rooms offer all sorts of different treatments that you can enjoy, including special couples rooms. The spa resort is set on the iconic Palm Jumeirah, the manmade island in the shape of a palm tree that has become one of the most recognizable features in Dubai.

Pierchic RestaurantScreen Shot 2017-10-16 at 5.55.20 PM

When it comes to romantic restaurants, there’s no better choice than the Pierchic. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and have a delicious meal in a serene location, what better way to do it than in a restaurant that has its own private pier. The restaurant itself is at the end so you get amazing views of the Madinat Jumeirah resort and listen to the gentle sound of the waves. Most people come for the location but the food itself is also amazing. They specialize in seafood, lots of which is locally sourced.

Bateaux Dubai

If the Pierchic isn’t close enough to the water for you, the Bateaux Dubai is the thing to satisfy your needs. This unique floating restaurant is one of the most popular in the city because they serve a delicious four course meal inside a glass walled boat, offering great views of the city skyline at night as you float by.


Balloon Rides

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 5.55.20 PM


Dubai is known for being a modern metropolis covered in huge skyscrapers and massive shopping complexes but people often forget about the wonderful natural features that are nearby. The desert is an amazing sight and you should definitely make sure that you see it when you’re out there. You could take a driven tour but it’s far more romantic to see it from the sky in a hot air balloon. You’ll get stunning views of the surrounding desert from up there, allowing you to see far more of the desert than you can from the ground.

Bab Al Shams Resort

If you are interested in seeing the natural wonders that Dubai has to offer, why not consider staying somewhere outside of the city? The Bab Al Shams Resort is still very close to the airport but it offers a different experience to the traditional city break in Dubai. You’ll still get all of the luxuries like a swimming pool and a spa but you can see more of the untouched desert while you’re there.

Dubai is the perfect holiday destination for a romantic couples getaway.


While I don’t mind the cold, it can definitely make traveling a little more challenging as you’ll want to be warm and inside as much of the time as possible. London isn’t home to the harshest weather in Europe, but the truth is because it’s damp, often windy and cloudy, it’s the perfect recipe for drab weather that makes you want to stay inside. Lucky for you, if you’re planning a trip to London, there’s ample things to do and see when the weather becomes less desirable. If you find yourself visiting London alone and looking for company, check out Here are my top things to do in London during winter:

Head to a Museum
Many of the museums in London are free, ensuring that there’s an interesting and cheap way to keep entertained when the weather is horrible outside. My favourite museum is the British Museum as it has a great range of different exhibitions, including a lot on London and the UK’s history. There’s a ton of options for museums that are free in London, so check out this list of free London museums to get some inspiration.

Head to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland
If the weather’s going to be cold, you may as well make the most of it and the best way to do so in my opinion is by visiting Winter Wonderland. Here you’ll find a bunch of great rides, an ice rink (great place for a date), the new Ice Kingdom and also a decent traditional German Christmas market loaded with delicious treats and mulled wine. If your trip to London falls in the last week of November, any time in December, or the early part of January, make sure to pay a visit to this great attraction.

Visit a Pub for a Roast
There’s no way to warm up your body than visiting a pub, having a good Sunday roast and enjoying a pint. This is a very English thing to do and is a great way to break up a touristic day and to warm yourself up from the inside out.

Head to a West End Show
This is a great way to do something indoors while being thoroughly entertained. The truth is, the type of show you will see will depend on what’s available when you visit, but one thing is certain and that is that you’ll be enjoying a world class act. Look into what shows and performances are on well before you trip as they often sell out, so you’ll want to reserve tickets in advance.


You might consider yourself an expert when it comes to investing in property. Maybe you are a Mark Ferguson and are already making $7,000 per month from rental properties, but what if I told you that you might want to consider investing in property overseas.

8 Reasons Why You Should Be Investing In Property Overseas

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 11.42.27 AM

Image Source

1) Portfolio Diversification

Overseas investment provides you with portfolio diversification. We have all heard the saying – don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. It is far more sensible to diversify. If you invest in property in just one country then you will find that that your money is all tied-up in one place. Therefore, if that country hits hard times so will all of your investments. You do not one your investments reliant on one economy. Branch out and invest in other economies. That way if one country hits hard times, you have your other countries to fall back on. There is a reason why companies expand overseas, they are spreading the risk. You need to think like a company!

2) Expanding Markets

You can get yourself into an expanding market. Put some research in and find out where the powerful economies are predicted to be. PwC has produced this report which looks at the predicted economic powerhouses for 2050. Get in now and you could be cashing in later. However, this is only a route for those who are prepared to play the long game. It is a get quick rich scheme. But then is there really any such thing as a get rich quick scheme? If you want to get rich then you have to be prepared to work for it and to invest carefully.

3) Tax Advantages

You don’t need to report your overseas real estate to the IRS every year. This is just one of two remaining asset types where you are able to do this. That makes an overseas investment very much a private affair! This means that you can grow your overseas wealth and property portfolio privately

4) Planning For Retirement

An overseas property investment could always become your retirement home later in life. Who says that you have to stay living where you. Perhaps you fancy moving to a warmer climate. Studies and articles like this one make a convincing case for retiring to somewhere warmer. Buy somewhere hot and you could rent it out as a holiday rental now. You can then retire there later when you are ready. You don’t need to worry about leaving the family behind either. If you move somewhere warm then the whole family will want to come and stay with you!

5) Your Money Goes Further

You get more bang for your buck. Taking your home search overseas means that your dollars will often go further. Websites like illustrate just how much further your money goes abroad. This also means that cost of living is probably much cheaper. If you choose to retire somewhere like this then you could be much better off in your retirement. You could be living a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget! You will be amazed at the stunning properties you can buy abroad. That mansion you have always wanted for you and the family could be yours if you buy abroad.

6) Claim Back Money

You can claim back those travel costs. The cost of visiting your overseas properties for management and inspections is tax deductible. Get claiming those air fares back!

7) More Options

It opens up options for you. Buying a house abroad opens up many new options for you. You can decide exactly what you want to do with your investment. Perhaps you want to rent it out as a long-term rental or a holiday rental. Perhaps you want to renovate it and then cash in on a rising market. Maybe you see it as being part of a bigger picture and you have plans to retire there. It is completely up to you. The world really is your oyster.

8) Less Competition

You have less competition. If you choose to invest overseas then you will find that you have less competition, especially if you get into an emerging economic market early doors. However, this might make it more daunting for you. You can employ a company to help you. There are companies who can help you with the legals and offer you support and guidance when investing in overseas property. There are also companies who can offer support for managing the property.

Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

Before you take the plunge and start investing in property overseas, you need to ask yourself some questions. You

need to ask yourself whether you see this as being a long-term investment. Is this somewhere you picture yourself

retiring to in the future? If so you need think about what your requirements will be in the future. Ask yourself the

following –

  • Will I want a garden or a pool?
  • How many bedrooms will I need? Will I be having the children ( possibly grandchildren) to stay?
  • Do I want to be on the beach, in the city or in the country?
  • How close do I want to be to my home country? A couple of hours by plane or am I happier to be further away?
  • Is it a safe neighborhood?
  • What is the healthcare system like?

These are all important questions you need to be able to answer. They will help you determine where the best

country for you to buy is and what it is that you want from your property. If you are still keen on investing abroad

then congratulations! You are about to go on an exciting adventure and not only are you investing in your future but

you are also investing in your family’s future. Get researching and find that dream home of yours! You will encounter

difficulties and it will be challenging at times but remember that this isn’t a process you need to go along on your

own. There is plenty of help out there and also other people who have invested abroad too. Use these people as

they will be a great source of help and support for you.


Good luck!



Sydney, Australia, is a popular location for an exciting buck’s party. Featuring a boisterous nightlife and a broad range of restaurants and clubs from which to choose, no one ever regrets selecting this destination for a weekend getaway or even just a single night of fun. Whether watching performances given by the female strippers Sydney is famous for or simply cruising the city to take in the sights and sounds, there is always something amazing for everyone in this engaging part of Sydney.


Have a dinner cruise near Darling Harbour

Those searching for something a bit different than the traditional buck’s party activities should consider a riverboat dinner cruise. Throw the cruise party never fails to be on the list of bucks ideas in Sydney. In the Darling Harbour, the waterways are typically calm and still, making this venue a great choice for those who enjoy boating. There are numerous cruise companies from which to choose, with something to please essentially any budget or taste.

Many of the riverboats are geared to buck’s weekends, meaning the gents can bring bucks party strippers, or the best topless barmaids Sydney has to offer along for the ride. Enjoying dinner, cocktails and live entertainment with one’s mates under the star-studded sky is an ideal avenue through which to create the memories of a lifetime.


Have a night out in Newtown

When planning a buck’s party, it is also fun to reserve a few hours to simply enjoy the sights and sounds of the most interesting street of the city. For example, strolling down Sydney’s famous ‘Newtown’ is a top choice among many gents.

Virtually anything can be found in this area. Newtown always boasts one of the most vibrant place with a wide range of bars, cafes, restaurants and music venues you’ll ever find in Sydney.

With a selection of cocktail spots and great pubs, Newtown is undeniable a prime spot for dinner and drinks.


Enjoy some live theatre or performance art

From the theatres in Walsh Bay to the Sydney Opera House, Sydney is home to the top stages and most iconic performance arts venues. Weekends are a great time to see a fantastic show. You’ll find a diverse programs and events.

The best place to enjoy jazz, opera, ballet, dramatic performances and symphony orchestras, spending some time at a theatre is a terrific choice for gents who want to add a bit of culture to their celebration.

Scoot around and more

There are so many nightclubs and bars can be found crisscrossing between streets in Sydney. For example, ARQ Sydney is an extremely popular club in the city. It is ideal for essentially any group whose goal is to enjoy electro and dance-pop music. If indulging in tasty cocktails while enjoying a great vibe with an awesome light and sound system, ARQ Sydney should definitely be placed on the gents’ itinerary.

Buck’s party packages are not difficult to find, whether one is interested in a weekend getaway or simply a night out on the town to watch performances by the most talented female strippers Sydney has to offer. All-inclusive packages are often available, and these include entertainment, lodging and meals. Regardless of what the group has in mind, gentlemen never regret choosing Sydney as their buck’s party destination.


Car rental industry is a multi-billion dollar industry which plays an important role in the economy of countries. There are millions of rental cars in US alone which provides great services and facilitate millions of people every year. Rental car services not only provide freedom of travelling but also save the time as compared to the local public transportation. There are thousands of rental car companies which offer good quality vehicles at affordable rates.

It is very common for people to hire a rental vehicle, especially when they are travelling out of the station. People who are on business tours to other cities or countries, they use rental cars instead of public transport. Rental cars are the best option in such cases. Rental cars provide a better, secure and timely transport if you are travelling away from home. But you should always hire rental cars from a trusted rental company to avoid any problem.

Rental cars come with drivers and without drivers as well. It depends on your choice and your privacy. If you feel that you are comfortable with the driver and you do not know about the roads of the city then you can hire a driver. If you do not know about the routes and you do not feel safe in driving alone, then it recommended that you hire a driver. The biggest fear of rental cars is the mishaps that can happen to anyone such as robbery, theft, road accidents and other different issues. To avoid all these issues, it is recommended that you hire a professional driver with the vehicle.

Professional drivers know all the routes, parking areas and roads of the city. They can take you to your destination safely without getting late and they know all the shortest paths to that route. So you should save yourself the trouble and spends few more bucks and hire a professional driver with your vehicle. There is a wide range of vehicles that the car rentals offer, including exotic cars, RVs, sedans, jeeps, limousines, buses and a whole lot of different types of vehicle.

You can easily browse the internet to find the best car rental company. Always hire the trusted company which have great customer services and have affordable prices. You should look at the cars which fall in your budget and are suitable for your needs. You do not want to spend thousands of dollars on luxury vehicles when you can simply hire a decent sedan at affordable prices.

If you are in Israel and you need a rental car, then is the place to go. It is the third largest car rental service in the world with branches in 110 countries. Budgetco offers most affordable car rentals of all types in all major cities of Israel. For more information, you can visit the website and you can also book your car in advance if you are away.


There’s so much to see and do in the Windy City; you could never hope to do the city justice in one visit, unless you were planning on staying a month or so.

Most of us don’t have that luxury of time, though, so here are a few ideas on attractions that all offer a real flavour of Chicago.

Take Me Out to The Ball Game

Even if you don’t know much about the sport of baseball, a trip to the iconic Wrigley Field is a must-do! Everything about the the Chicago Cubs’ home stadium is photogenic and nostalgia-inducing. Located in Wrigleyville, you can take a tour of the stadium, catch a game, and explore the Park at Wrigley.

Source: Chicago Cubs via Facebook

You can book ahead, but it’s possible to walk up to buy tickets on the day of a game and find a variety of differently priced seats. It’s not a necessity, but knowing a little about the sport before you go to a game is a good idea. The Cubs won the MLB World Series in 2016 and though they’re not the favourites to win the 2017 World Series, bet365 odds on the Cubs winning it outright are still pretty high at +750, with favourites LA Dodgers available at +350 and the Cleveland Indians at +400.

Arrive in plenty of time and get a seat early so you can watch the team practice. Regardless of your knowledge of baseball, you can soak up the atmosphere – sitting in the bleachers with a beer and a hotdog while the game’s in play. If hotdogs, nachos and pretzels don’t appeal, you might be pleased to know that some of Chicago’s top chefs also run a rotating menu at Wrigley Field.

Just outside the stadium, there’s the Park at Wrigley where there’s a constant round of community events going on. Watch an outdoor movie, join a yoga class or poke around the Green City Market farmers’ market every Thursday from June to October (game days excepted).

Music, art and room to breathe in Millennium Park

Millennium Park is a great place to take in a slice of Chicago lifestyle. The 24.5 acre park plays host to events such as the Chicago Jazz Festival, the Chicago Blues Festival and the Grant Park Music Festival every year. The Pritzker Pavilion provides plenty of free concerts when the big events aren’t taking place and it’s a great location to have a picnic dinner while the Millennium Park Summer Concert Series is on.

interactive Crown Fountain by Jaume Plen” (CC BY 2.0) by squidish

Just wandering around Millennium Park is interesting enough in itself, with works of art such as Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate – a reflective sculpture that’s known locally as “The Bean” and the Jaume Plensa Crown Fountain. The Fountain celebrates Chicagoans with its two big screens showing photos of local faces seemingly spewing out the fountain water. During the summer, there are also temporary public art exhibitions on the Chase Promenades.

Take in the view from up high

Source: Davide Bergonzini – Photographer via Facebook

One thing you have to do from one vantage point or another in Chicago is take in the city’s magnificent skyline. Two of the best places to do this are the 360 CHICAGO Observation Deck and Willis Tower’s Skydeck Chicago. If you’re wondering what happened to the Sears Tower, don’t worry, it’s still there – it was renamed as the Willis Tower in 2009, causing a lot of local outrage at the time.

Both decks give you fantastic views and it’s possible to see up to 55 miles in any direction from 360 CHICAGO on a clear day. Interactive screens aid identification of landmarks too. The Skydeck gets you nine floors higher and there’s the thrill opportunity of standing on The Ledge, a glass platform that sticks out beyond the building’s exterior.

Of course, these are just three of the highlights Chicago has to offer its visitors, but whatever you get up to in the Windy City, it’s sure to be a blast!



There aren’t many places on the planet with the amount of ancient wonders and ultra post-modern feats of architecture than Japan. This is a land of Zen shrines, Buddhist temples and more dynasties than you can shake a stick at. On the flip side, Japan has wondrous modern cities like Tokyo and Kobe that ooze technological wizardry and the remote-controlled toilet. Two worlds seemingly collide on this nation of islands to produce a country that is a feast for the senses and provides something for each tourist that it welcomes every year. Take a look at these four things you simply must do in Japan to immerse yourself in both the ancient and modern age.


Image Source




The most technologically advanced invention synonymous with Japan is the seemingly miraculous bullet train. Travelling at near 200 mph, you can traverse your way across the country moving from city to city within a matter of hours. The smooth journey from Tokyo to Kyoto means that you can gawp open-mouthed at the stunningly beautiful Mount Fuji as you travel at breakneck speed through the Japanese countryside. Japan is well connected to all major transport hubs running like clockwork. If you’re planning on doing a lot of traveling across the country, pick up a Japan Rail Pass to save you money and don’t forget to partake in a luxury bento box or two on your travels. If you want someone else to take care of your travel arrangements, consider embarking on one of the many Japan tours on offer. This way, your accommodation, food, and itinerary are taken care of, leaving you to enjoy the scenery and sites that you visit.


Image Source


Cycling In Kyoto


After you’ve arrived at Kyoto, disembark your bullet train and change the pace. Hire a bicycle and take a leisurely ride among the ancient temples and shrines that adorn the city. You could take a trip to the Golden Temple or meander through the Gion district. If you’re lucky, you may catch sight of the stunning geishas who serve tea in the same style of ceremony that was carried out centuries ago. Heading off the beaten track in Kyoto will see you travelling back to a time that feels far removed from the era of bullet trains and technology.


Image Source




The city of Hiroshima has come to encompass everything that is positive about Japan. Many of the ancient monuments, temples, and shrines may have been destroyed with the use of an atomic bomb by the USA at the end of World War II, but venture to the city now and you see a metropolis reborn. The city still remembers its past with the derelict A-Bomb Dome still a reminder of the past, but its modern infrastructure is flourishing. World class eateries, bars, and shops adorn the centre, and the youthful population takes great pride in its city’s strength and resilience.


Japan is a country that is monocultural yet tolerant and peaceful. You will receive a warm welcome should you venture to this Far Eastern nation. Make it your mission on your travels to enjoy some of the old as well as the new as you tour the Land of the Rising Sun.



Is there anything better than escaping the daily grind and heading off on a holiday with your partner? I don’t think so! If you’re wanting to plan a special trip away for an anniversary, celebration or just because then I’ve got a few tips for you. Keep reading to find out 4 great tips for a romantic holiday:

A Spa Weekend Get Away
For many of us normal life is extremely busy. We have to juggle family commitment, work commitments, time for our friends, time for our partners and some time alone to ourselves too. Often we tend to neglect those we love the most, knowing that they’ll be there for us even if we’re not really around as much as we want to be. This is a recipe for disaster, so it’s important to set aside a special time to spend with your partner as often as you can. A spa weekend get away is a wonderful way to relax together and enjoy a holiday where you go home feeling relaxed. Why don’t you stay in a spa hotel and ordering a relaxing couples massage or package. While I love adventure holidays sometimes it’s nice to go somewhere cozy and spend the weekend focusing on your loved one.

Surprise Your Partner
I once met a couple that alternated every year choosing a trip for their partner and keeping it a surprise until at the airport. It meant that one person got to enjoy the thrill of a surprise holiday, while the other person got to spend the time planning something they would really love to do with their partner. I think it’s a such a fun way to keep the romance alive. It doesn’t have to be a big trip, you and your partner can alternate choosing weekend trips away.

Head Somewhere They’ve Always Dreamed About
Maybe your partner has always wanted to go somewhere far away and a little costly. Every year it gets put off because there’s something more expensive, such as house repairs or school fees. If there’s a little cushion in the budget, why not splurge a little and consider taking your spouse somewhere they’ve always dreamed about?

Pick An Adventure Destination and Create Lots of Memories
Choose somewhere adventurous where there’s a bunch of activities as it will keep things interesting. I took my boyfriend to Queenstown this year and it was a lot of fun because we went white water rafting, he went sky diving, we went up the Queenstown gondola and went down the Luge. Because we were doing so many things, we kept meeting other people and had lots of fun photos of our trip. It was really exciting to do more activities than we might usually do!

Whatever you choose, be sure to set time aside to travel with your partner. It is one of life’s greatest joys exploring new places with the person you love most in the world.


If you’re trying to find a holiday destination that will delight all members of the family, then perhaps you should consider a trip to Gloucester? Here you’ll find ample attractions and activities to ensure that everyone has an especially memorable holiday. You can visit a lovely owl sanctuary, or a bird and deer park for the animal lovers in your family. For the airplane or history buffs, you can spend the day exploring the Jet Age Museum. There’s a wonderful art gallery named Nature in Art, which has a lovely little cafe and gift shop. No trip would be complete to an area of within the UK or Europe without visiting a beautiful church and Gloucester Cathedral doesn’t disappoint. So if you’re craving a lovely family holiday away, book a quiet cottage in the Forest of Dean and start planning your next holiday adventure:

The Barn Owl Centre
Whether you’re a Harry Potter farm or just intrigued by these beautiful creatures, you’ll be excited to get up, close and personal with some owls! There are a few experiences available, from a photography day where you’ll learn tips for taking the best possible photos of these birds, which is challenging considering how fast they can fly. There’s also an owl experience, where you’ll get tons of information about owls and their care, while also getting a bit of time to take photos. It’s a wonderful activity for a family and can be a great gift voucher to give for Christmas.

Gloucester Cathedral
When visiting any new towns or cities in Europe, I like to visit the main churches because you can learn so much about a place and it’s people by the churches that have been made. Gloucester Cathedral is absolutely stunning and if it seems a little familiar, it may be! The cloister was used for the filming of Harry Potter! Inside you’ll see beautiful stained glass and there’s a wonderful tour that you can take that will show you some of the cathedral’s hidden charms. Just be mindful that the cathedral is currently undergoing a 100 year long renovation, so things may not be quite normal, but it’s still very deserving of a visit.

Prinknash Bird And Deer Park
This is an extremely relaxing place to visit, perfect with younger children. Pack a picnic and enjoy a sunny day here. You’ll be spoiled with hundreds of free roaming domestic and exotic wildlife. If you have a bit of spare money, buy some bird food from the shop and the birds will eat right from your hand which is a priceless experience for little ones and bird lovers.

Jet Age Museum
This is an essential place to visit for aviation enthusiasts or for children who dream of flying a fighter jet one day! It’s an exciting location because it’s where the Gloster aircraft company manufactured the very first jet aircraft during 1941. It’s also the same location where it was first flown, too. The museum itself is quite small, but it’s free and there’s lots of interesting information to absorb – if you love it, don’t forget to make a donation to help with the running costs.

Nature in Art
This is a wonderful choice for art lovers or if you’re wanting to spend some time outside in a beautiful location. There’s a house that’s filled with different exhibits, while outside on the beautiful grands you’ll find sculptures. While you’re here, take a moment to check out the gift shop, it’s filled with lovely reasonably priced things such as stunning cards and lovely wrapping paper, perfect for a special occasion. During the summer holidays a number of wonderful activities such as origami are put on for the children, so it’s a great destination for the whole family.



I love road trips: you can choose where you go, when, how many pit stops you’ll have for photos and no matter whether you have a weekend or a week free, a road trip can fit around your holiday time. Road trips are flexible and a great way to really bond with your family or friends, due to the time you spend in the privacy of a car. With summer quickly approaching, chances are you’re making plans for your summer holidays. Even if you only have a spare weekend, why not pencil in a road trip with some of your favourite people? Here are 5 tips for the perfect road trip, to help you get excited and inspired.


1. A Comfy Car
If you’re living somewhere that you don’t have or own a car, why not rent a car ? This is a great idea if you’re studying somewhere where you don’t have a car or traveling to a different city or country. You may also consider renting a car if your car is too small for the number of people you want to take on the road trip. Whatever the reason, if you end up renting a car don’t forget to compare car rental prices in order to get the best price possible. You may be surprised by how inexpensive it can be to rent a car if you shop around. If you’re taking your own car, spend a little time and effort ensuring that everything’s working well, namely get an oil change if you’re due for it and check your tyres. Safety and comfort are the most important criteria for a great road trip!

2. Great Tunes
Spotify has made having great music for a road trip even easier. Be sure to download a few playlists if you use Spotify, incase you find yourself traveling through parts that don’t have great internet coverage. Try to pick a few old school sing along tunes because we all know those are the most fun for a road trip. It’s a good idea to get each person to bring a couple of hours of music, so that way you can take turns sharing your music and that way everyone gets to listen to some music they love!

3. Time for the Scenic Route
When making the route, try to pick a route that is more scenic and has better photo opportunities. Personally I prefer to take the scenic route on the way there when everyone has lots of energy and on the way home I’ll usually choose the faster route, because by that time we’re often tired and craving our own beds. Make sure that you add an extra hour or two of free time for bathroom stops and to get snacks along the way. It’s always better to arrive a little early at your destination than to be driving too fast and put your lives at risk.

4. Snacks
Choose a mixture of healthy and unhealthy snacks for your road trip. I personally love to take trail mix, some cheese sticks, grapes and protein bars so that I’m not just eating chips and candy bars along the way. I find popcorn is a nice light snack that’s satisfying to eat, as well! Don’t forget plenty of water, because you never know how long you’ll be traveling between towns.

5. Great Company
Wherever you travel and however you get there, you’ll quickly discover that it’s the people that really make the holiday special. Choose some of your favourite friends or family members and you’ll create memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t forget to bring a camera or make sure your smartphone is fully charged so you can take lots of pics and selfies along the way.

Road trips are so much fun. Use these 5 simple tips to ensure your next road trip is your best holiday ever.