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So many of us are stressed out. We’re overworked, underpaid, and haven’t had a vacation in years. For some people, this is because it’s almost frowned upon to take vacation time. For others, it’s because while the idea of taking a break sounds great, actually doing the planning, getting from the house to the airport, going through airport security, getting to your hotel on the other side, unpacking, and then doing it all in reverse sounds more exhausting than simply skipping the vacation.

I get it. The older I get, the less likely I am to book a vacation, simply because I get so annoyed spending a whole day in an airport, and I often end up returning home more tired than I left.

The answer? Go on a mini cruise. If you haven’t cruised before, taking a short mini cruise can be a great way to see if you like cruising. And for most people, this taste will be all they need before they immediately book a longer trip.

When you take a mini cruise, you’ll only need to unpack once. And you won’t even need to deal with your own luggage- it will be taken to and from your cabin. You’ll be meeting plenty of people from all over the place, and will be able to see some of the most popular destinations- without needing to worry about how you’ll actually get from point A to point B.

One of the biggest reasons why cruising continues to be so popular, is because so many people are sick and tired of flying. No one wants to spend hours checking in, going through security, and jammed into a tiny seat, before getting a cab to their hotel. That’s a whole day of travel lost, and another day lost on the way back. Not to mention all the stress and frustration.

Cruising continues to grow in popularity, and the amenities on cruise ships these days continues to impress. On a mini cruise, you’ll be paying for most of the costs upfront, and it’s all-inclusive so you can budget appropriately for your holiday and have time to save. You’ll have delicious food, snacks, tea & coffee, entertainment, leisure facilities, daytime activities, guest speakers, arts and crafts, all included in your fare.

Mini cruises depart from eleven different ports throughout the UK, and there are many different destinations to choose from. Because these cruises are short, you can fit them in whenever you have a few days off or just need a quick break, and you’ll also get to see plenty in a short time. This gives you great bang for your travel buck.

Have you cruised before? Are you thinking about taking a mini cruise? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


Visiting the Bahamas is the dream of many vacationers. The island destination often makes it to the top of many travel lists over and over again, and for all the right reasons  too! Apart from the beautiful beaches and the sunsets, this place has many other things to offer visitors. Here are the three reasons for you to plan your next trip here:

14139889510_a9ffeb8302_b1. The Bond movies: The Bahamas has been a shooting location for many movies of the James Bond franchise, including Thunderball, Casino Royale, and The Spy Who Loved Me. Fans would have a great time visiting the locations the movies were shot in as they will be able to see some parts of the set still present. It is a great experience to see your favorite fictional settings come alive, and the Bahamas will provide you just that.

2. The casinos: The Bahamas is famous for its huge sparkling casinos. The casinos gleam of luxury and grandeur in world class resorts on the island. And if you ever feel like staying in the hotel room after a long day of fun, you can gamble on bingo sites with no deposit bonus!

3. Shopping extravaganza: The Straw Market in the Bahamas is one of the most popular in the Caribbean. Here you can buy almost everything from the street vendors and even try your bargaining skills as much as you like.

There is just so much you can see and do in this island paradise that you will remember your vacation here for a long time to come. So why not pay a visit as soon as you can and enjoy the place to the fullest?


Macau, like Hong Kong, is a part of China that works differently to the country proper. Once a station for Portuguese traders, Macau is now one of Asia’s largest tourist hubs, a place of bright lights and tall buildings, ancient architecture and historic villages, and, of course, miles of clean beaches befitting its sub-tropical climate. As the most densely populated place on earth though, it’s not a place anyone wants to visit without a guide.

A Modern Centre

Macau, as the “Vegas of China”, is a paradise for casino gamers. Since 2007, the peninsula has generated more money from games like roulette and baccarat than Las Vegas, and its vast fortune has increased month-on-month since late 2016. Revenues climbed 18% in March alone. What makes Macau’s casinos so interesting is just how different they are to American ones, favouring skill-based games like baccarat and poker over slots.

The latter game, poker, is growing rapidly in Macau and tables can have lengthy waiting times if not pre-booked. Tables exist at the Wynn (almost exclusively high-roller), Starworld, a casino that once had a buy-in of a million dollars, and the Venetian hotel, one of the largest buildings in the world. Given the steep price of entry for some games, joining a table in Macau can be daunting so it’s always a good idea to get some practise in at the hotel beforehand.

The availability of mobile poker apps provides both a space to learn about the game and an alternative for when the casinos are full. For example, 888poker’s Android and iOS gaming apps have much the same functionality as the company’s website, giving players the opportunity to play sit and go and multi-table tournaments. With options for money play and practise play, the experience is scalable to players’ tastes and budget.


Historic Macau

On a map, Macau stands out as a bit of an oddity; with street names like Rua de Francisco Xavier Pereira and Avenue Xian Xing Hai, it’s an amalgam of two cultures, Chinese and Portuguese. Much of Macau’s manmade beauty comes from the latter though, with the Ruins of St. Paul’s arguably the face of local tourism. It’s one of several historic churches in the city, along with St. Anthony’s, St. Josephs’, and St. Lazarus, all highly distinctive places of worship.

Taipa Village is a reason to visit Macau all on its own. An old neighbourhood far from the peninsula’s bustling centres, though just a short distance from the airport and the Venetian, Taipa is famed for its restaurants and eateries, roadside almond cookies, and the quiet tranquillity of esplanades like Avenida da Praia. It’s perhaps too quiet for fans of Macau’s nightlife (the more central Lou Lim Ieoc Garden might be a better option in that case) but Taipa is one of the more charming tourist magnets nonetheless.

Given its complex heritage, it’s perhaps no surprise Macau has a number of renowned museums, art galleries, and historic buildings, including the Macau Museum of Art, the Sir Robert Ho Tung Library, and Mandarin’s House, a UNESCO World Heritage site and the former home of reformist Zheng Guanying. For the ultimate antithesis to Macau’s casino culture though, visit the black sands of Hac Sa Beach.

A tiny place of wild contrasts, there’s nowhere quite like Macau elsewhere in the world.


A good survival knife is always needed in your pocket while traveling, every survival kit or everyday carrier should have more than one hunting knives.

I generally don’t plan for sudden or emergency situations. In fact, a lot of people don’t. But that is the whole problem, no one does. We don’t plan or prepare for emergency situations which, of course, is a wrong perception. You feel safe and secure while traveling alone at night. Most importantly, you don’t need the training to learn the technique of using hunting knives – it is quite easy and natural.

While hunting knife is in your hand, you take it as your own body part. You don’t need to learn the skill of using your own body part, it comes naturally.

Now when we have discussed so much about hunting knives, let’s also explore few others points.

There are few things which should be kept in mind before buying a knife. Buying any knife won’t help you out. Always look for a knife that fits in your palm and is easy to use in emergency situations. Also, never put your hunting knife for sale, it’s good to keep your knife with you for lifetime. Now, let’s walk through some important points:


1. Fixed Blade

Never try and put pressure on the tip of a folding hunting knife or there are chances of getting a cut on your trigger finger. There are many types of hunting knives, the two most common are folding knives and lock knives.

So generally, when you choose a knife for your protection, you should remember that folding or lock knives are the most dangerous knives for novices. It goes without saying that a fixed knife is the one that does not fold or get locked.

2. Thick and thin blades

You might have noticed blades varying from 0. 1 inch to ¼ inch. Both the knives have their perks so this one is hard to decide. The thinner will be definitely better for whittling jobs such as making trap triggers and thicker blades for chopping and prying. This one depends on your own convenience level.

3. Full tang

You can only see the upper part of the knife that is the blade, you really don’t know if the blade is extending down to the handle. It is essential to question the seller regarding the full tang – if a part of the blade which  is extending downwards to the handle.

A blade halfway to the handle can be a bit harmful, it can be removed easily and is not as strong as a full tang hunting knife.

4. Handle with hilt and pommel

Handles are mostly made from a variety of natural and man-made products including molded plastic, ivory (nylon polymer), hytrel, (thermoplastic polyester elastomer), leather (stacked leather washers), Krayton (synthetic rubber), or Zytel (nylon resin). Some knives only have the skeleton as the handle. What is more important is that the handle gives you nice grip in emergency or hunting situation. It should not slip from your hand due to sweat or if the knife is wet.

Another important part is the hilt and pommel. The handle should definitely have a wider hilt and pommel to improve its gripping quality. The pommel should be flat so you can use it as a hammer.


Being able to travel the world full-time is a dream come true for some people. Imagine having the flexibility to spend a few weeks here and then move on to the next place. You have the chance to slowly explore and experience the world at your own pace. Sometimes we also like to relax and spend a few months by the beach in the Caribbean. If our budget allows, we can give ourselves a treat by staying in the best Caribbean villas that overlook the sea. Or simply find a short-term rental in one of the smaller towns. Life is good.

The biggest question that people ask me is how they can live this lifestyle. My answer is that it’s easier than most people think. I’m going to share with you how you can travel the world full time and become a digital nomad in the Caribbean.


What is a Digital Nomad?

A digital nomad is simply someone who earns an income online whilst simultaneously traveling the world. It doesn’t happen overnight and can take several months or years to even get set up. However, when you’re able to sustain yourself, traveling long term becomes possible. The most common ways that people earn money online is through freelancing, blogging, or working with their company remotely.

Sometimes you can spend a week or two slowly passing through Europe or Asia. On other occasions, you find a place that you love and want to spend a month or two there to work hard and relax.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Destination:

The biggest factors in choosing a place to stay for a few months are related to budget, accommodation, and of course, the speed of Wi-Fi. If you’re earning a western salary, this goes a long way in some of the developing countries. And it makes sense to stay in a place where your money gets more value. The next is the type of accommodation. Sometimes it’s easy to get a short-term rental at a decent price and other times not. You should always consider the Wi-Fi speed too. If you’re working on your laptop, you can work from anywhere, but you need to be able to get it done to meet the deadlines.

My favorite place to relax for a few months is the Caribbean. There are so many different islands to choose from with even more beautiful beaches and things to do to keep you occupied in your free time. Let me give you a quick warning. The cost of living varies considerably from one place to another. And some parts may not be the best place to carry your laptop around with you. So, you need to do your research beforehand. If you do decide to spend a few months in the Caribbean, you’ll be rewarded with the tropical beaches and abundance of water sports.

The Best Places in the Caribbean for Digital Nomads:

The best place depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a cheap and safe to live, some places in Central America will be perfect for you. For people with a higher budget, you could consider Barbados or Aruba. Below are some of the better places to stay depending on your budget and requirements.

Panama is a hotspot in the Caribbean for digital nomads. The country is reasonably cheap and you can survive on as little as $1000 per month. The location is good and it’s easy to get out into other parts of the Caribbean. Another great feature is that Panama is quite safe and you don’t need to worry about being mugged at gunpoint. This is a popular place for Americans to retire and you can find a decent expat community here too.

Costa Rica is another popular place to relax for a couple of months. The environment is diverse and you could be spending one day surfing the waves and the next hiking through the rainforests. The Wi-Fi speed is decent and it’s quite safe to live.

Aruba is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean and a perfect place to relax if you have a larger budget. This island officially belongs to The Netherlands but has a large degree of autonomy. Most of their income comes from tourism, so it isn’t the cheapest place in the world to live. But, the Wi-Fi is quite strong in the coastal regions and it’s easy to get your own portable one too. The beaches are clean and the water sports are plentiful. This is one of my favorite places to relax and there’s always something to do here.

It’s also worth pointing out that some islands aren’t really suitable for digital nomads. This may relate to the safety aspects, weak connectivity, or just a crazy high cost of living. You should probably avoid spending too much time in Jamaica or Trinidad because of the high levels of crime. Places like Haiti and Guatemala are very cheap to live, but the Wi-Fi is poor. And unless you’re a millionaire, it’s probably best to avoid the British Virgin Islands and Bermuda!

The Takeaway Message:

Becoming a digital nomad and being able to travel around the world is a dream come true. There are so many places in the world where your money lasts longer than back at home. If you’re looking for a place to relax for a few months and get some work done on the beach, check on the Caribbean. Panama, Costa Rica, and Aruba are some of the hottest places right now to be a digital nomad. So, what are you waiting for?


While planning a trip can be exciting, it can also be stressful. After all, there are so many incredible destinations to visit, and narrowing your options down to just one or two can be tricky.

Luckily, The Luxury Holiday Company has released some new tools that make the whole planning process much easier.

The first tool is known as the Inspirer tool, which helps people who are still trying to figure out where they want to go by providing them with different holiday options. Basically, the tool offers a large selection of different images from around the world, featuring outdoor landscapes, cultural icons, food, wildlife, and more.

Once you go to the tool, you simply click on the images that you find the most appealing, and the tool will give you between one and three suggestions of countries that could be a good choice.

I think this tool is particularly great for people who haven’t done much travel. For someone who has done as much travel as I have, I could easily tell at a glance which countries had were associated with which pictures. But that doesn’t mean that the tool still wouldn’t work for more experienced travellers- I found that the pictures helped me consider countries that I hadn’t yet thought about visiting for my next trip.

Another reason why this tool is great is because often we try to think logically about our next holiday destination based on things like price. But when we see pictures from around the world, the emotional part of our brain takes over, and it’s easy to see which type of holiday we’re really interested in.

For example, I’m a city girl, but found myself picking images of islands and beaches over and over again. For this reason, I may end up travelling to a beach destination for my next trip.

The next tool is all about planning, and it’s the tailor-maker tool. You can use this tool in addition to the Inspire tool- once you’ve found a destination you’re happy with you can head to the tailor-maker tool to put your trip together.

I really want to travel to Africa, so I chose Botswana as my destination. The way that this tool works is a little similar to the Inspire tool, as it uses beautiful images to help you build your inspiration board.

One of the most difficult options for me was narrowing down all of the things I would want to do in Botswana. But the tool is really helpful for this, and it allows you to tailor some of your own itineraries, or look at some of the suggested itineraries- this is a good option if you’re not sure how to put it all together.

I personally think these tools are a great idea. While there is plenty of information online about many destinations, I love the creative, visual aspect of these tools. Give them a go today and let me know what you think.


Ever wondered if you could make the thrill of discovering exotic new places last indefinitely? Ever felt that a holiday just isn’t long enough, that you want travel to be your day to day?

The decision to become a full-time traveller – to just up sticks and, as they say, become ‘location independent’ – is a major lifestyle choice. But if it is what you love doing, why not? And why should age be any kind of barrier?

In fact, you could argue that retirement is the perfect time in life to follow your dreams and take to the road (or skies, or waves). Greater financial independence, not having to work for a living, family all grown up – if retirement isn’t the time to indulge in your passions, then when is?

Taking travel seriously in later life can be anything you want it to be, from heading away for a few months every year to really embracing the location independent way of life. If it is what your heart yearns for, then go for it. And here are a few handy pointers to push you in the right direction.



  • Look at cheaper destinations. You might as well make the most of your pension or life savings, and head to places where you can live in perfect comfort for a fraction of the cost of home.
  • Consider ways to earn a little extra while you are travelling. If you have a house you can rent out while you are away, or perhaps can turn your hand to a bit of blog writing or photography on your travels, a little extra cash can extend your nomadic lifestyle that much further.
  • Embrace the cultures you visit. Trips to tourist resorts are holidays because they are never meant to last. If you really want to get under the skin of a destination, get to know the people and live it as they live it. Volunteering can be a great way to immerse yourself in a new way of life.
  • Protect yourself against all eventualities. Part of the thrill of travel is taking a step into the unknown, but that does not mean you cannot take steps to minimise risk. Travel insurance may not be glamorous, but it can save your bacon if something goes wrong. Look into anywhere to anywhere policies, and specialist providers who will cater for your age.


  • Take any risks with your health. Travelling can be a wonderful, life affirming, transformational experience. But nothing comes before being healthy, and if you try to travel in poor health, you are unlikely to get what you expected out of it.
  • Push yourself if your heart isn’t in it. If you set off for 12 months and find yourself pining for home after three, then don’t stay away for the sake of it. Following your heart and your instincts should always be the first rule of long term travel.
  • Forget to treat yourself. Working to a budget is all well and good, but long term travel is about more than money and practicalities. If there is something you really want to do or a place you really need to see, well, you only live once.
  • Worry about home. We all have the right to determine our own lives. If country hopping on the opposite side of the world is what you need for a few years in retirement, you have earned it. And if you have family left behind – get them to come to visit you!

Avanti Travel Insurance specialises in bespoke policies for people wishing to travel with a wide range of medical conditions, as well as policies for over-50s travellers. To find out more, please visit our website.


Green Door West (GDW) provides high quality, pharmaceutical-grade organic cannabis. If you have a GDW membership, you can enjoy a mobile medical marijuana service delivered straight to your door.

There are many benefits of signing up for our cannabis delivery company, including skipping the hassle of long lines, maintaining your privacy, and saving money on gas. If you are immobile or wheelchair bound and cannot get to your local dispensary, Green Door West will deliver your cannabis to the comfort of your own home, saving you the headache of being driven in the infamous LA traffic.

Here are some other benefits of signing up for a membership with us today:


Health Perks

If you suffer from any health issue that causes you pain or makes it tough to walk or drive, a topical marijuana will help ease your discomfort. If you can’t make it to a dispensary, we will do all of the hard work for you – and deliver the medication right to your door.


If you feel like you’re too out in the open visiting a dispensary, our mobile marijuana services may be ideal for you. Your purchases are kept discreet and only you will know what you’re receiving. Best of all, our vehicles are unmarked and your items are packaged without any references to cannabis. Your membership with us is 100% HIPAA compliant, so it’s totally safe and secure.


Our trucks deliver your medication right to your door. You don’t have to waste time sitting in traffic to get to a storefront dispensary.

We Make the Process Easy

We offer simple and safe online applications to obtain your medical cannabis ID card.

Enjoy the many benefits of signing up for our cannabis delivery in Beverly Hills services today.


Bingo as a game is enjoyed a lot as it provides for the ideal entertainment rather than it being played purely for gambling. Of course, winning is an added bonus. However, if you’d like to win prizes more frequently, here are a few tips to help you increase your chances of winning.

While playing online bingo you need to know that there are many online bingo sites available. You can go through reviews about each online bingo site and then decide which site to play at. Once you choose your site, you need to select the right bingo room to play at. While there are free bingo rooms and penny bingo rooms, you should know which rooms have the biggest jackpot games.


Online bingo is purely about luck, so there is no particular strategy that you can use to guarantee a win. Instead, all you can do increase your chances of winning by playing with more tickets and playing in rooms that don’t have too many players. Pre-buy your tickets to these rooms and wait for the game to start, after which you will know whether you won or lost. Online bingo is not just about winning. Loosing is part of the game. So, never get disheartened if another player wins. Instead, cheer them up and be a sport.

There are plenty of freebies that you can take an advantage of especially in the monthly, weekly and daily promotions. So learn how to play bingo the right way and make use of every opportunity you get to win freebies.

When it comes to playing free bingo games online, GameVillage Bingo has a variety of 90-ball, 75-ball, 80-ball and 30-ball bingo rooms. All newbies get a free sign up bonus of £15 with which all of these rooms can accessed immediately.

So, what are you waiting for? Come sign up with New Look Bingo and have a good time online.


Traveling with a chronic medical condition can be overwhelming. When you have diabetes, there are a laundry list of supplies and medications that you simply cannot go without. While you’re wrapped up making sure that your medications and supplies are packed – and that you’ve got everything else you need for travel – it’s extremely easy to overlook the small, but important details about what hotel accommodations you will need, and whether or not they will be available for you.

So, we’ve compiled a list of things for you to consider when scheduling your next hotel reservation so that your hotel stay is as comfortable and relaxing as can be!

  1. Ask for a room with a fridge. Most rooms come standard with a mini-fridge, but it is important to ask! Many diabetics need to store their medications, like insulin, in the fridge. It’s better to take the time to confirm accommodations prior to arriving than to arrive to discover that there will be no fridge available to you for storing your supplies. You might also prefer to store juice or snacks in the fridge for blood glucose management.


  1. Inquire about availability of room service, vending, and in-room snack options. As a diabetic, it is important to ensure that you have access to juice, snacks, and nourishing foods to remedy low blood sugar, should it occur. Even if you don’t experience a bout of low blood sugar, it is important to maintain a proper diet and get plenty of protein to help manage weight and maintain consistency in blood glucose levels. Inquire about the availability of vending machines, in-room snacks for purchase, and room service.
  1. Choose a hotel with a visitor’s gym. Maintaining a healthy weight and a strong cardiovascular system is highly beneficial for the management of diabetes. While there are bodyweight exercises you can do in the absence of a gym when you travel, it can be extremely convenient to have a gym at your disposal. When you make your reservations, try to choose a hotel that offers the use of a visitor’s gym to their guests.
  1. Ask if early check-in is available. If you are a diabetic in need of insulin storage, early check-in is something to consider when you book your hotel. If the hotel doesn’t offer early check-in, consider another location or make alternative arrangements in order to avoid compromising your insulin.
  1. Consider room placement and request accordingly. Do you suffer from diabetic nerve damage? Is it difficult for you to climb stairs? Consider your preference of room location. If stairs are difficult, requesting a ground floor room may be beneficial. While elevators are an option in most hotels, in the event of an emergency, the elevators may not be accessible. Hotel staff are typically very willing to assist guests with medical conditions and special needs. Don’t be afraid to voice your concerns and needs.

Traveling with diabetes doesn’t have to be a huge inconvenience, it simply requires a bit of extra planning. By implementing these simple steps, your next hotel stay is sure to be accommodating and enjoyable.

Happy travels!

Author Bio:


Matt Schmidt is the co-founder of Diabetes Life Solutions and Matt’s father was diagnosed with diabetes and their journey to try and find affordable life insurance for Matt’s diabetic father was a tough one. He decided that no one with diabetes should have to go through that journey and has since been helping find diabetic life insurance at affordable costs.