Even More Reasons to Travel (as if you needed more convincing!)
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Even More Reasons to Travel (as if you needed more convincing!)

Even More Reasons to Travel (as if you needed more convincing!)

There is no sweeter pleasure in the world than that of traveling. The experience of seeing the world, tasting foods, seeing sights, visiting museums, exposing yourself to new and foreign cultures and making memories is priceless. There is an entire world of pleasure out there, waiting to welcome you.

Each country has something unique to offer. There are the obvious attractions, such as London’s Big Ben, New York’s Times Square, the Colosseum in Rome, the Eiffel Tower in France – these sightseeing attractions draw millions and millions of tourist a year.

We totally understand why students opt to travel the world by backpacking and roughing it out in hostels, just to gain the experience and taste the sweet pleasure of traveling. Whether you plan a trip after saving for years or whether you take off on a whim with the pennies in your pockets, there is no doubt that traveling gives you more education, enjoyment and experience than anything else.

However there are so many more reasons to travel, other than these commercial sightings.


People plan active vacations where they travel to unique and exciting places. Places that are far less ‘commercial’. Places such as Ecuador, where the Amazon jungle meets the Andean highlands and the Galápagos Islands. Ecuador is a country frequently visited specifically for diving and snorkeling.

Others make trips to the glorious Swiss Alps to ski during the peak months of November and December. With ski options for beginners to experts, this is one holiday destination that is both picturesque and practical.

Group activities are another reason for people to travel. Prague holds annual poker tournaments where games take place everyday with between 40 -100 participants. These tournaments attract hundreds of tourists who enjoy playing and watching poker tournaments.

Unique traditions and customs are another attraction for tourists. Brazil is famous for capoeira, which is a form of art that mixes dance, fight, movement and games to create an experience unlike any other. Capoeira is known as the art of liberation, as it originated roughly 500 years ago, during the slave era in Brazil. A melting pot of cultures were forced to live together, combining their traditions of food, dance, art and culture. And hence, capoeira was born.

Besides for some of the world’s best shopping and theatre, England is also well-known for it’s bingo events. The UK version of bingo makes use of 90 balls, as opposed to the American version which uses only 75. The English enjoy playing bingo tournaments and events. Word has it that even England’s Monarch, the Queen, holds family bingo evenings in her palace. We wouldn’t be surprised if she was part of the thousands of people who opt for online bingo games to play in her spare time. The British are bingo lovers. Can we blame them?

Speaking of the European continent, Europeans, -and specifically Italians – enjoy getting together to play bocce. This is a traditional game where metal balls are thrown on grass or into sand – similar to the game of bowls. Bocce is believed to have originated in Egypt, but has come to be the modern day sport as we know it because of the Italians.

Whatever your reasons for traveling, make sure that you make the utmost of your time abroad. See as many sights as you can see, eat as much food as you can eat, go on all the adventures that come your way and try out something new – a little Capoeira never really hurt anybody.

Happy traveling!