Favourite Travel Blog Links

Favourite Travel Blog Links

Here are a list of my favourite travel blogs links that I keep going back to. They’re in no particular order, but all worthy of your time. Check them out and get inspired!

2 In 1 World – A Colombian couple who are set in exploring the world together, one country at a time.

Active Planet Travels – Ronald is off on a traveling and spiritual adventure; he’s set to explore six continents on this trip. He’s moving towards a full-time nomadic lifestyle and documenting as he goes. His site is full of awesome, high quality wanderlust inducing photos.

Adventure Mummy – A mother of two, with two puppies and a husband, Carly manages to perfectly mix adventure travel with raising a family. This year she’s got a trip planned to Everest Base Camp in October – while this is not something I plan to do in my lifetime, I look forward to watching her as she works towards this crazy adventure.

Adventurous Kate –  Kate started traveling in late 2010  and is one of the key solo female travel blogs – definitely worth a read.

A Little Adrift – Shannon left her former life as an actress and became an online consultant and full time traveler.

All Colores – Ayelet first ventured on a trip to New Zealand (my home country) and fell in love. After that, she decided to make her way around South America and grew to love the challenge of solo backpacking. Her site is filled with inspiring posts that showcase the richness travel has to offer.

Am I Nearly There Yet? – Eloise and Stu are a backpacking couple, who are determined to make the most of life and are traveling full time with over two years of coffee loving adventures under their belt.

Ana Travels – An Argentinian women who fell in love with an American man and has been following him (and his job) around the world.

Anywhere but Home – Naomi is a grand explorer, who’s happy to get off the grid for a few days with a nomadic Mongolian family and, in direct contrast, party  for 24 hours in Berlin.

Are We There Yet? – A blog discussing immersion, volunteering, learning a language, staying with local families and working remotely.

Around Cambodia – A complete guide for everything you want to know about traveling around Cambodia.

Around southeast Asia – Everything you want to know about exploring and traveling South East Asia.

Around The World in 80 Jobs – A site dedicated to documenting Turner’s adventures around the world as he longs to find his muse (gainful employment).

Aspiring Backpacker – The ultimate resource for planning your next adventure, Aspiring backpacker has information on how to save, travel effectively and how to make the most of your trip.

Aussie On The Road – A site dedicated to showcasing the adventures one crazy Aussie gets up to on the road – filled with great photos and a hilarious banner.

Backpacker Banter – Honest reviews, advice and musings from a surfer who is backpacking around the world.

Bacon is Magic – Ayngelina is based in Toronto but has spent the better part of her life exploring the world. Her blog is filled with honest and insightful stories about her adventures.

Bali Backpacking – Everything you want, and need, to know about backpacking around the wonderful island of Bali in Indonesia.

Bamboo Butterfly – Rhonda is a freelance writer, reporter and lover of travel who is living in Taiwan and exploring this wonderful world.

Banana Roti – Is a tempting (and teasing) budget food blog that will have you craving more and more.

Be On The Road – Travel and Photography Blog of a world traveler from India who specializes in Adventure Travel, Wildlife, Cultures and Vegetarian Food.

Beach Holidays in Asia – Fancy a beach holiday in Asia? Who doesn’t! This site has everything you need to know to start planning your perfect beach holiday in Asia.

Breakaway Backpacker – Jaime went through a bit of a rough patch and so at 25 years old he decided to sell his things and set off on an international adventure.

Bohemian Trails – Written by a journalist based in New York City, Megan puts a bohemian spin on her love for travel.

Bucket List Journey – List Worthy Experiences in Travel, Food and Adventure

Budget Travel Tips – All of the best budget travel tips in one, easy to find location so you can travel smarter.

Camp Travel Adventure – A one stop resource for everything to do with camping and travel adventure.

Cest Christine  – Christine is Californian born (I know, I was jealous at this point, too), but has spent a decent amount of time in living both France and Australia. Originally on the straight and narrow, with a high profile PR job, great circle of friends and loving boyfriend, she decided to pursue her dreams of living in France. She hasn’t looked back since!

Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler – Alexandra is a Slovak girl who realised that life is too short to not do what you love – and she loves traveling, staying in spas and enjoying some of the best beaches in the world.

Confessed Travelaholic – A 20-something Canadian girl who quickly fell in love with travel at the age of 10 in NYC and hasn’t stopped since.

Curious Nomad – Travel for personal growth, meaningful adventures, and fun!

De La Pura Vida – Adventures of a location independent freelancer. Currently living and working in Costa Rica.

Departing Melbourne – Lighthearted travel narrative blog about holidays including a What’s on Directory

Digging Art – This site is dedicated to discovering wonderful art around the world, from unique paintings to cultural attractions.

Discovering Ice – This is kinda a love story – both in terms of Steph and Andres, but also in their obvious love for the world and their passion for exploring it. Steph is from Ireland and Andres is from Colombia. Their goal is to enjoy a fully location independent lifestyle while leveraging other currencies and traveling indefinitely.

Dream Euro Trip – The Euro Trip Bible.

Don’t Stop Living – A passionate travel blog by Northern Irishman Jonny Blair who left his home town a decade ago and has backpacked his way through all 7 continents, taking in over 70 countries.

dMb Travel – Dave is a photographer who showcases large, high quality photos on his blog of his travels. If you’re seeking some eye candy, you need not look any further.

Dream Holidays Guide – Tips and inspiration for your next dream holiday, whether it’s budget or luxury.

Escaping Abroad – James lives and travels abroad while working, scuba diving and seeking adventure.

eTramping – Pack lite, travel far, and live long” is the motto that describes the lifestyle of travel bloggers Cez and Agnes who travel around the world on less than $25 per day while sharing the world with you on their blog!

E&T Abroad – Travel blog that brings travel advices, travel tips, inspirational stories and travel photography.

Evaser – This is a lifestyle blog dedicated to achieving the life of long term travel for vagabonds, flashpackers, backpackers and globetrotters.

Everywhereist – Geraldine is one of those people who should be thankful they’re so funny, otherwise we’d hate them. Her husband travels extensively for his work and she managed to convince him to take her along on his adventures.

Explored Planet – Explored Planet contains all the hottest experiences around the world, from Africa to the Caribbean.

Flashpacker Family – Semi nomadic flash packing family who are from my wonderful home town of Christchurch. Bethaney, Lee and little Reuben have a location independent lifestyle that allows them to spend much of the year overseas. At the moment they’re exploring Thailand, which is somewhere Bethaney spent a lot of time in her early twenties. She’s discovering the paradise like islands are a bit more challenging with a little beau in tow.

FoXnoMad – Anil is on a quest for world domination, at least in terms of visiting every single country in the world. Just because this is his end goal, doesn’t mean he’s rushing things.

Generous Nomads – Everything you want to know about Volunteering overseas and mixing it up with travel along the way. There’s nothing better than contributing to a community and really getting under the surface.

Geriatric Traveler – Maura hasn’t let anything get in the way of exploring the world – especially not her age. This sixty something proves that there is only one good time to travel: now!

Getting Stamped – Hannah and Adam are two Americans who got married in Jamaica and have since left their comfortable home to explore more of the world.

Inspiring to Travel – Filled with great pictures and heaps of information, this site is designed to encourage you to pursue your travel dreams.

Imperative Travel – This blog is designed to not only encourage you to travel, but to inspire you as well. Filled with juicy stories and tempting photos, it is the perfect motivation to get out and see more of the world.

Jasmine Wanders – After booking a flight to New Zealand, Jasmine set off on her first adventure, leaving the corporate world behind her and hasn’t looked back since.

Journey Scout – Thomas grew up in America but didn’t really start discovering himself or the world until he left on his first overseas adventure. He wants to encourage others to do the same.

Journey With Jess Jones – A travel and lifestyle blog to inspire you on your journey!

Justin Was Here Blog – Justin Jones is a travel writer, founder of World Travel Buzz Magazine, & Host of the Radical Travel Podcast. He travels the world to share his stories, as well as those of the people he meets along the way. Find out more at www.JustinWasHere.com

Kiwiology – a New Zealand based blog community, where you can find numerous great blogs written by kiwis, just like me!

Lateral Movements – Lauren has been traveling for 10 years now and has had 30 jobs in six different countries as a means to fund her perpetual travels.

Laura Explorer – After finishing college, she set out to explore and hasn’t stopped since. From Thailand to New Zealand, she’s seen a lot and she’s not set on stopping.

Life Cruiser – This travel blog has been around for a whopping 8 years and is filled with lots of helpful tips and advice.

Live Less Ordinary – Allan and Fanfan are determined to show you how to live an extraordinary life with their blog which is focused around Asian travel.

Luxury Dream Escape – Be tempted by places oozing comfort and luxury with the luxury dream escape – a site dedicated to the finer side of travel.

Man Versus World – A fellow kiwi who’s off exploring the big, bad world. Simon has been living in Europe with his partner but they’re both traveling around Asia at the moment. It’s been really exciting reading posts about some of my favourite travel destinations.

Mai Travel Site – Born in America, raised in Spain, and he’s lived in Australia and Belgium – Federico is a travel enthusiast who has seen 37% of the world’s countries and is only just getting started.

Milk Blitz Street Bomb – She’s not a tourist or a traveler, she’s a minimalist who’s discovering her on path.

Nerdy Nomad – I think this was the first travel / lifestyle site I ever got into. Kirsty has fulfilled my dream and is a generous and helpful role model. She’s created a number of websites that allow her to enjoy a location independent lifestyle. Currently living in Africa, leveraging the currency there, she’s pursuing hobbies such as learning French and playing guitar.

One Travels Far – Stacey is a lovely girl who’s also from my home town of Christchurch, New Zealand. At the moment she’s living in San Diego as an au pair. She writes about the realities of being an au pair, as well as living in America in general.

Project Hideaway – If you are looking to have a special romantic get away, a high class business trip or are preparing for your honeymoon, then Project Hideaway is the ultimate luxury travel resource.

RTWBackpackers – A group of highly experienced backpackers giving you a range of tips and tricks to ensure your travels go as smoothly as possible – for as long as possible.

Travel City Breaks – Need some inspiration for a city break? Check out this hotspot of information on travel city breaks.

Travelo Cafe – Laura and Cipri have over 10 years travel experience and are dedicated to sharing their adventure around the world with you.

Travels Of Adam – A self proclaimed hipster that travels around the world. He’s currently based in Berlin which is probably the most suited hipster city, at least that I’ve ever visited. He spent $20,000 in 15 months, making his way to some of my favourite countries including Vietnam and India! When his money ran out, he made the decision to continue living overseas rather than returning home. Germany is the perfect base for exploring greater Europe and I look forward to enjoying his upcoming adventures.

The Euro Lifestyle – Considering living in Europe? Already there? The Euro lifestyle is the ultimate guide to what’s worth doing in Europe.

Top 5 Travel – Small chunks of helpful travel advice for backpackers or gap year seekers, written by Chris of BackpackerBanter.com.

Wandering Earl – Earl makes the possibility of living a nomadic lifestyle a little more realistic. Over the past thirteen years (!) he has traveled and lived in various places. Earl’s written a very transparent post that documents how he afforded to maintain his life of perpetual travel and it shows you that the opportunity to travel extensively isn’t reserved for those who have lovely trust funds backing them.

We Travel Around The World – Another blog set up by Alex to document the great people she meets around the world.

Wez Wanders – Nathan (Wez) was a bit late to discover his wanderlust, it wasn’t until he was 26 that he took his first “round the world” adventure, and since then he’s been hooked. I suggest visiting his site if you want to see gorgeous photos of interesting landscapes from all around the world.

World Travel Buzz – World Travel Buzz is an edgy and awesome online travel magazine, run by a team of travel bloggers from around the world. We are young, wild, free, and in-your-face. We provide honest and engaging travel stories, tips, and advice from real backpackers and adventure travelers.

Yomadic – A fellow traveling photographer, Nate is just about to head off on a year long adventure. He has already visited 35 countries and has ample photographs of his amazing adventures.