Postcards from Lisbon


  • I really liked Lisbon too. I would recommend going to Sintra to see the Palace and Castle. It is a short train ride from Lisbon.

    There are also some good walking tours of the old town that I would recommend.

    I see you already got the Pasteis de Belem. Those are awesome.

    Seville is also a great place. Make sure that you have enough time there.

    • Izy Berry says:

      Suggestions for Seville? I loved LOVED LOOOOOVED Sintra, so thank you very much for that suggestion. I got lost often enough in the old town to consider that a walking tour, although I do wish there was some narration. Pasteis de Belem make my life! They are probably the best “dessert” I’ve ever had. Period.

  • Craig says:

    We’ll be there in about a month, so I look forward to *your* ideas on what to see.

    • Izy Berry says:

      Haha! I feel under pressure. Lisbon’s lovely, I’ll be doing a post on Sintra and a city guide to Lisbon as well. It’s just such a great city, I’m a bit sad I don’t have more time to see more of Portugal, so if you haven’t already and don’t have a rigid schedule, make sure you lock in more time. It’s lovely.

  • […] from the hike up to the castle are really something special. I wasn’t supposed to be in Lisbon as long as I was, but it was so difficult to leave. The next time I’m in Europe I’ll […]

  • […] on the metro. But above and beyond that, there was an amazing view of Praça de D. Pedro IV one of Lisbon‘s most important squares. Not a bad view to enjoy while you’re sipping on your morning […]

  • Joana says:

    That’s really nice to see that you fall in love with Lisbon! I live here so if you need any extra tips let me know!
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    Enjoy your trip!