Slowing Down & Finding a Home
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Slowing Down & Finding a Home

Slowing Down & Finding a Home

While this trip has changed a lot – both in terms of destinations and overall tone, the end game was always finding somewhere to live for a while. I left in July and it’s almost December. I’m tired: tired of having to pack my bags, tired of having to say goodbye to people and places I like.

I need to order some documents from New Zealand which will take a month or two to arrive, depending on how organised I am with applying for them. During this time, I plan on slowing down a lot so I can focus a bit more on work and getting my life back into gear.

After the break up I just decided to be selfish and just did whatever I wanted whenever I felt like it. I had a crazy blow out in New York, decided to go to the Amazon on a whim and have been basically very irresponsible with my money and planning. It was a lot of fun, but now I’m ready to add a little more logic into my plans.

I also haven’t really worked in months, which sounds like a dream but I’m starting to feel a little guilty and I miss working.

Yes – I’m the girl who is complaining about too much travel and not working enough. You have my permission to slap me.


I came to San Jose because I’m interested in doing a Yoga/Photography/Spanish ‘course’ for a few weeks down in Playa Jaco. I emailed them today to check if there’s space. It sounds amazing, 3 or 4 weeks chilling doing a few hours of Yoga, Photography and Spanish. Hanging out with a new crowd of people; people I don’t have to constantly say goodbye to.

If that falls through I think I’m going to pick somewhere to volunteer. I want to learn Spanish and so hopefully I can find something that isn’t along the lines of teaching English. I feel like my life needs a little more purpose and nothing has ever made me happier than volunteering overseas!

I have a feeling I’ll spend at least a month here in Costa Rica and then make my way up towards Antigua, Guatemala…

Finding a ‘home’ isn’t about slowing down travel for me. It’s about having a base where I can work for a few weeks at a time before packing a small bag and jetting off for a few weeks. It’s about finding a bit more of a balance between work and travel.

Too much of anything isn’t a good thing and right now I’ve had too much movement.


  • I can understand you. I needed to do that after only one month of travelling through South America, so we ended up living in Bolivia for three months to learn Spanish. It was really nice to have that break and a proper routine again. If you placement falls through I know the Director of a great Costa Rican NGO called Abriendo Mientes. They do English teaching to disadvantaged children mainly. It is by the beach too. :-)

    • Izy Berry says:

      That place does actually sound amazing, Tammy. However, I think Costa Rica is a bit expensive actually and I’m probably gonna head north towards Guatemala. Do you have any connections around there? Traveling can be such hard work, can’t it 😉

  • Its tough. I get you though. You feel the need to constantly be on the mood, but don’t actually want to be constantly on the move. I personally prefer the hub and spoke kind of travel. Its the kind where you base yourself somewhere new, rent a place and have a closet to hang up your clothes. But then you use it as a base to travel to places nearby so you still get that adventurous feeling of going away but still being able to come back ‘home’

    I hope you find yours soon, wherever it may be