Trading for Freedom: Taking the Job On the Go

Trading for Freedom: Taking the Job On the Go

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For many people, some major factors holding them back from traveling are being unable to get off work and the lack of income that would result from an unpaid vacation. As much as vacation should be about relaxing, those on a budget can still hear the cha-ching! among ocean waves or mountains or the sites of another country. One of the benefits of being a full-time trader is being location independent. Not every job has this luxury like trading does, so I make sure to take advantage of it as much as I can.

I am a day trader. I only trade for a few hours a each day and do not hold my trades overnight. The stock market opens at 9:30AM in New York, so wherever I am, all I have to do is be up 30-60 minutes before the opening bell to scan the news and set the list of stocks I am going to watch. When the market opens, I trade for just a couple of hours, taking advantage of the hottest time of the market’s day—the morning. A few trades and a few hours later, I’m free to do whatever else is on my agenda.


I have powerful Lenovo Y50 laptops that fit in my backpack along with a portable ASUS monitor that is light and connects through a USB port. My travel setup for trading gives me mobility so I can trade wherever I want as long as there is a decent internet connection. Being my own boss means I can go on vacation more often without taking time off from work. I can take trips to Las Vegas or California at a moment’s notice, or go somewhere to stay for a while. I was in Italy in the summer for almost a month and could trade for most of the time I was there. I got to explore a new country and culture while making money!

Being a trader means being your own boss and being responsible for your successes and failures. I wasn’t always a profitable trader. I was working at an architecture firm in New York City, getting tired of the 9-to-5 mentality when I decided to move back home. I soon started researching trading and how I might be able to manage my own mutual fund investments that had done nothing but lose value up until that point. I lost a lot of money during my first 18 months of trial and error, but I learned so much from those months that I was able to turn it all around, and I haven’t looked back once in all the years that followed.

The limitations of the job as a trader come from only yourself, through your own skill and comfort levels. Like being a professional athlete, trading is one of the most merit-driven professions out there—so it can sometimes be very stressful. But once you are realizing consistent profits, you begin to be able to truly enjoy the benefits.


You might ask why I would want to work on vacation in the first place, and the reason is simple: I love what I do. Once I adopted the right trading strategies and started making money consistently from trading, I’ve never wanted to miss a market opening. Trading isn’t something you have to sit around and do all day. Most professional traders focus on trading the first couple of hours, and then work another job for another source of income, or take off to spend time for themselves or with their family. I’ve taken up teaching, so I have plenty of time left after trading that I can devote to my trading courses and to my students.

Freedom like this is hard to come by. The possibility of making money is always a great motivator—but the freedom, in my opinion, is just as important. All we really have in life is time, so why not spend it the way we want?

Ross Cameron is a full-time day trader and owner of Warrior Trading.  Click here to read his inspiring journey from debt to success.