Zip lining in Angkor Kingdom

Zip lining in Angkor Kingdom

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I’ve visited Cambodia on numerous occasions – to see Angkor Wat, to volunteer in an orphanage (again, numerous times) and to enjoy the madness that is Phnom Penh. On this recent trip, I decided to do something a little different and went zip lining in Cambodia. 

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I’m going to be bold and say outright that it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. 
I know others find themselves doing extreme sports such as jumping out of planes, bungy jumping and cliff diving, but for me this was pretty extreme. My fear of heights usually prevents me from doing such activities, but I’d heard great things about zip lining so decided to give it a go. 
My sister, a friend of mine and myself all booked into the same zip lining session with Flight of the Gibbon in Angkor. We were warmly welcomed and promptly fitted with a harness, so we could head out and get started. Unfortunately for us, the weather was a bit drizzly and at times outright poured, but we still had an amazing time. 

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After a thorough safety briefing, we were put to work on a low height zip lining platform. I did pretty well, managed the two foot landing and felt an instant level of confidence in myself and the course – that was until we all finished and walked up a number of stairs to get to the next platform, which felt infinitely higher. 
My heart was racing, thick with adrenalin. I was a little freaked. 
After each zip line, my confidence grew and I became more comfortable with the entire process. The crew were very meticulous with the safety, which helped me to feel secure. We were always clipped to a safety line, at each step of the way. 

The scenery was stunning, during all my travels I’ve never been so high in the tree tops which such sweeping views. It was both a blessing and a curse that it was rainy season. The trees were lush, but the rain made things feel a little scarier, despite there being nothing to worry about. 
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I must admit it was quite terrifying walking up stairs some 30 meters in the sky, while they were drenched with water – but it was all worth it. Nothing I’ve done before compares to the feeling of flying through the gorgeous rainforest, feet dangling below while enjoying panoramic views. 

My favourite zip line was the “honey moon” zip line where my sister and I got to zip line parallel together. We had our own zip line and linked arms around each other and were able to share the zip lining experience, which was a lot of fun. We giggled the whole way across and it was really special being able to share such a unique experience with my sister. 

The whole course took about two hours, and was one of the highlights the trip. After we’d finished flying through the sky, we were gently descended to the ground via an abseil. As we walked back to the centre, we were shown the local gibbons and a variety of local creepy crawlies including a banana spider, which are absolutely terrifying. 
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All in all, the experience was very memorable and I will definitely be re-visiting the Flight of the Gibbon in Cambodia. 

The only thing that was a little issue was that because the Flight of the Gibbons is so new in Cambodia, very few tuk tuk drivers know where the meeting point is. I’d suggest pre-arranging transport and using the phone number of the Flight of the Gibbon to get your tuk tuk driver to call and find out directions. We ended up being about 45 mins late to our session because we got quite lost. Thankfully the staff were very accommodating and we didn’t miss out on any of the fun. 

Have you ever been zip lining? If so, where did you go? I’d love to hear about what experiences are like in different places.  


  • I am terrified of heights too, but this looks like so much fun. Definitely going try it out next time I am in Siem Reap.

  • Arianwen says:

    I’m also scared of heights. Last year zip lining in Peru when I tried to copy everyone else and let go with my arms, I spun out of control, freaked out and grabbed the line IN FRONT of the harness! I almost lost a finger and slowed myself down so much I stopped prematurely and had to walk hand over hand to get to the platform!