Hola! My name’s Izy, I’m twenty six and I call New Zealand home, but not really. I don’t really want to live there. I’m not sure where I want to live. The Wrong Way Home is all about my adventures finding somewhere or something that’s captivating enough I never want to leave..

Izy Berry from The Wrong Way Home, Thailand                                                       My first trip to Thailand, November 2010

I always wanted to travel; it just was never the right time. Something got in the way, or it was too expensive or just plain scary to up and go. It wasn’t until I was 22 that I really ventured overseas. I was flown to Europe for two weeks on a whirlwind trip. I remember standing in a busy street in Hong Kong completely in awe. It was so different to home. The neon Chinese characters illuminating the streets, chaotic pedestrians, and the thick blanket of humidity; my senses were teased. I breathed in deeply, savoring it all. That’s when wanderlust set up camp somewhere deep inside me. Since I first left I’ve been lucky enough to explore over thirty five countries and that is since August 2010!

When you meet long-term travelers, they usually have a catalyst – the reason they left home, their breaking point: You can read mine here.

I want this site to inspire people to finally take the steps towards the travel they’ve been dreaming of. It’s not as hard or expensive as you think and if I can do it then you surely can too. This site will be compromised of helpful articles, city guides, travel photography tips, lots of photos to get you dreaming of new places and information on how to create a location independent lifestyle. I am more than happy to answer questions and would love to help with any practical side to your travels, especially if you’re focusing on countries I’ve already been to. I believe travel is the best gift you can give yourself.

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Random facts about me

I have four sisters and I’m the eldest.
I get nervous before a flight and insist on arriving at the airport two hours earlier than I need to.
I can sleep on any form of public transport.
My favourite foods are Thai and Indian.
I was stabbed in Indonesia but still advocate solo travel.
My favourite song is Atlas Hands by Benjamin Francis Leftwich.
I judge people who visit Australia and skip out NZ – it’s amazing.
I don’t like mixing foods, such as rice and curry together. I can do it, if I have to, but enjoy it less.
The place I wanted to first visit most was South America and I’ve never made it. I keep getting stuck in Asia.
I believe everything happens for a reason.