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So, I’m here. In America, land of the free. If I can be honest, America was never a place I was never desperate to visit, but Coachella has been a dream of mine for numerous years, so a trip here was inevitable. So far, I’m having a great time. I’m constantly surprised by how friendly Americans are. They are so chatty! In Rory’s I met a movie star… on YouTube, haha. Many of the stereotypes ring true, though. We went to Del Taco for dinner (stay classy) and the large fountain cups were big enough to quench the thirst of a rugby team. Supermarkets are laced with so many delicious treats and there’s a billion flavors of M & Ms!

We picked up our Coachella passes yesterday and as I was flipping through the booklet, I became SO excited. Coachella Valley is absolutely stunning, my photo above, taken from a car, does it no justice. It’s a really weird feeling going to a festival knowing you’ll be there for the second week. It takes a lot of the pressure of having to see your favourite artists. After Coachella Weekend 1 I’m going to try to make my way down to Tijuana and maybe Ensenada. I hope to see a little of San Diego. Post Coachella Weekend 2 I have only 2-3 days before I fly out of LAX, so I’m not sure where I’ll go then… I have a while to figure it out.

Less than 24 hours until it all begins, I’m so excited :-)