The Best New Years

The Best New Years

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I’ve had a few great New Years celebrations, one was spent at a random festival with friends some 7 hours from home when I was 15, dancing listening to music without a care in the world. Last year I was in Budapest sampling all of their delicious red wine and beer and basically everything – I don’t like to discriminate. 

But the New Years of 2010 to 2011 had to be one of my favourites – which is not that surprising because I was on a boat, and boats have a charming way of making everything a little better.

It wasn’t just any boat; it was a boat in Ha Long Bay – one of the most breathtaking places I’ve been.

That’s right, I had New Years Eve in HaLong Bay! 


This is what I woke up to on New Year’s day.


Pretty good – right? While I’ve posted on my blog about how I’m going to Asia, partially because I miss Asia dearly and also because I want to test out working and traveling together in preparation for a bigger trip, but it’s also because I want another New Years in Asia. 

Where? I have no idea. But looking through my photos of my New Years in Vietnam leads me to believe I’ve picked the right region. 

We organized our Ha Long Bay tour through Hanoi Backpackers hostel, which was somewhat expensive but had a fantastic reputation as being a party boat; and what more would you want for New Years? It seemed a lot of people had the same idea and the boat actually ended up being two boats together, to accommodate the large crowd.


On New Years Eve we played a version of circle of death that involved a Troll card; a person would go under the table and tug on people’s feet in order to drink their drinks and was only allowed up when another Troll went under the table. There were also cards for various confessions, dares and my favourite was having to swap clothes when the person of the opposite sex closet to me – let’s just say my skinny jeans never looked the same again. 

We moved to Castaway island where we chilled out, playing volley ball until the sun melted into the sky. As night became dusk we swam out to the ocean, where we were greeted by thousands of little glowing fish, which is a lot more incredible than it really sounds. The night was spent in great company having conversations that stretched to the corners of the universe and life and purpose. It was, all in all, an incredible New Years in a wonderful location. 


I have no idea where I’ll be for this New Years, but that’s part of the charm. 

Where was your best New Years ever?  Where in Asia should I go for New Years?