Postcards from Hoi An

Postcards from Hoi An

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There are some places you travel to and when you think back to them all you can manage is a deep sigh. For me, that’s how I feel about Hoi An. Vietnam was an amazing destination to travel, one of my favourites in all of Asia. There was something different about Hoi An that struck a cord with me, it felt as if a little piece of Europe had accidentally been left here. The buildings, the colours, the food, the pace of life – all a dreamy fusion of European Vietnamese. It’s the perfect place to hire a bike, ride around, stopping at tailors while three ridiculously handsome English men get suits made (key to your Hoi An experience in my opinion). Unfortunately we were there in January which meant that the weather was wasn’t good enough to enjoy the beach and most days were a gray drizzle. It didn’t phase me, Hoi An is perhaps the only place in the world that I’ll love even on the grayest of days. 

Hoi An is pure heaven for your taste buds, it is where I learned to like shrimp and it’s also one of the few places in the world I’ve managed to gain 5kgs in a week. We found a restaurant, Cargo, that sold European style desserts at Asian prices, which is a dangerous combination. If you find yourself in Hoi An, make sure you check it out – yum.


  • Andrea says:

    Looks awesome, and you’re making me hungry!

  • “…even on the grayest of days.” Wow, that says a LOT about Hoi An. Guess I’ll have to get up there one of the days (am presently in my 6 month in Saigon).

    I too have learned that there are many different corners of this incredible country (Vietnam). My favorites to date? Dalat (up in the cool mountains, where I hope to resettle soon), Sapa (ditto, oh so cool and beautiful), and of course Phu Quoc.

    • Izy Berry says:

      What are you doing in Saigon? I really liked Saigon. I enjoyed Dalat and Sapa, but I suppose my other favourite was of course Ha Long Bay :-) I never made it to Phu Quoc but heard nothing but great things about it. Maybe next time, I know I’ll be back.

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  • Mateusz says:

    Beautiful. Viet Nam is one place I would really like to visit. For 3 years dnuirg the Viet Nam war (Yep, I was alive and working THEN!!) I worked at a Military Depot in California. We shipped parts and supplies to strange places in Viet Nam and Cambodia like Phenom Penh and Da Nang. I’ve always wanted to visit. Not sure why.

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