Postcards from Hong Kong

Postcards from Hong Kong

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This was where everything started, that all consuming wanderlust. I remember clearly having my feet planted on the first soil that felt really foreign, while standing in awe looking at the busyness of it all. It was the only place I’d ever been before that really didn’t feel like it could be my home, and I loved that about it. It’s been over 1.5 years since I was last in Hong Kong and I’m really looking forward to returning again in June.

Hong Kong was also where i purchased some new photography gear and started really trying to make myself improve. I felt obligated to, so that I could start doing justice to the places I was visiting. And while looking at these photos I could see ways I wish I’d done them differently, they were the start and I appreciate them for that.

Yesterday in valet parking in Hollywood my camera was stolen. I’m resigned to the fact that there’s nothing I can do to retrieve it, which is both devastating and frustrating. I could run through a list of things I could have done differently, but the end point is I felt it should have been safe there. There might be complications with my insurance company, but I hope not as I can’t afford the considerable sum it will cost to replace the body and the lens. For me, photography is such a huge part of my travel and I’m not sure how my next few weeks/months of travel will be without it. I’m trying to keep things in perspective, it’s just stuff, but it was mine.
Last time I only had 24 hours in Hong Kong, this time I’m heading there for five days. Any suggestions of things I have to do are appreciated!  


  • Stacey says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that your camera was stolen :( It’s so frustrating when you know someone else is in the wrong but you can’t prove it. I hope your insurance company comes through!

    • Izy berry says:

      thanks for your kind words Stacey, I’m absolutely gutted, still. I know it’s dramatic but I feel like I’ve lost a part of me. Also kinda creepy that this person now has all of my photos from the past few months… Oh well, least it was *only* my camera!

  • Andrea says:

    I love these photos! And I’m sorry to hear about your camera…that really sucks. I had a camera stolen once (although just a point and shoot), at a party. I left my purse in a locked bedroom, and the thief actually broke down the door and stole stuff from the purses. Afterwords when I was talking to the police, he said exactly what you did–really, you did everything right, there’s nothing you could have done. Sometimes shit just happens! I hope you can get reimbursed!

    • Izy Berry says:

      Wow – that’s worse than valet parking stealing it… they broke into a locked room. Ugh, I just don’t know where people’s sense of entitlement comes from? Yeah, I’m not dwelling on it so much anymore. I’m just pretty sad I don’t have a camera to document my travels atm! Flying back to New Zealand now so will try to sort out my camera while I’m home. Fingers crossed =)

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